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Have you ever wondered if you should get a breathalyzer for yourself or a loved one?  Are the questions keeping you up at night… Do I need one?  How will it improve my life?

Well wonder no more, we are here to help.   Here is our definitive list of the 5 types of people who should own a personal breathalyzer.

1: The Paranoid Ponderer

Have you ever gotten up the morning after the night before and questioned whether you would be over the limit?  Does this anxiety affect the way you drive – trying too hard to not draw attention to yourself (while probably achieving the opposite)?  Get yourself a breathalyser so you can check and know for sure if that you are back down to zero.   If you are zero, you can relax knowing that you are safe to drive.  For anything other than zero,  then you have a means to check when you are alcohol-free again.   Decide now that you will not drive with alcohol in your system and buy today.


2: The Enthusiastic Partier

Breathalyzer party image

Right, so you are at a party, and it is BOUNCING! You decided to drive here with the intention of only having one drink, but one turns to more than one and now you are no longer sure if you should drive. Well, first of all, ANY alcohol in the body has a detrimental effect on your ability to drive so you absolutely shouldn’t.  But you need to get home and alcohol doesn’t help us see straight and we don’t always have the same good intentions we have sober.

A quick, simple check on a breathalyzer to see if you are back down to zero is a must.   If it’s a regular issue, then maybe consider an interlock –  a breathalyzer fitted to your car, it won’t even let you start it if over a specified alcohol level.

3: The Parent of the Group

Look how good you are.  You are so kind and so willing to help out your friends.  All your friends can count on you to make sure they are not going to put themselves in any danger. Well done for stopping Steve jumping off that 1st story building onto a trampoline; especially well done for stopping Rachel jumping on that tram…..!  But when you try and stop your friends from drink driving you always have to contend with “…but I’m not THAT drunk… Muuum!”

Stop them in their tracks and get them to prove it; whip it out.  The breathalyzer, I mean.  Get them to do a quick check, prove what you already know because you are always right and they know it, and put those keys away somewhere safe.

4: The Taxi Driver

No, I don’t mean Robert De Niro. I mean you, the good friend who decided to abstain from drinking just to make sure your friends or family get home.   Even when being the responsible driver and abstaining from the wickedness of the tempting devil juice, it’s still a good idea to check yourself – just in case someone thinks it funny to spike the designated driver.   It’s your licence.  Make sure you are safe to keep them safe.

5: And lastly….you!

There are hundreds of other people who could use a breathalyzer – whether its to check if they are sober enough to build that shelf, or capable of going out rock climbing (for the love of God please don’t go rock climbing while drunk), or even mowing the lawn.  Breathalyzers are actually lifesavers.  Being able to check yourself and your friends is the most honourable thing you can do to make sure no one is drink driving, or doing anything really dangerous after drinking.   You can even use it to monitor your health if you want to, by setting some limits for yourself.

Save a life.  Get yourself a device that will help you make smart decisions for those times when you are almost incapable of making smart decisions.

Our breathalyzers are for everyone (unless you are Mormon  (but that’s a whole different story… feel free to call us to discuss!)