It is vital to leave at least 15 minutes after your last drink before testing for 2 good reaons: 

  1. If you give a sample immediately after finishing a drink, the only reading you will get will be the mouth/alcohol content, not the Breath/Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).  It’s only after the alcohol has passed through your stomach into your blood stream, from which the oxygen is drawn into your lungs when you produce a breath, that you get a ‘true’ reading of your intoxication.  There’s good reason why the Police wait 15 minutes on a PROFESSIONAL device (which is designed to withstand a far higher use than the average semi-conductor unit)
  2. …to safeguard your sensor!  You wouldn’t buy a car and drive it at 60 in 1st, so don’t expect your breathalyzer to withstand high intensity use outside the recommended parameters.  Too many drunken samples inside the 15 minute rule will kill a sensor quicker than anything.  And that’s NOT covered by the warranty…

And by the way – the reading you get after 15 minutes?  Don’t forget it can go up as well as down.  Depending on the drink of choice and your metabolism, chances are your alcohol reading will continue to rise for at least an hour after your last drink.  Give your liver a chance to process it too!


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